Meet RTF Spitta & CashKrew DC

When thinking of rap music in St. Louis, artists like Nelly and Chingy made a name for the city in the early 2000s. The rap duo Cashkrew Entertainment are placing eyes back on STL with their fresh music, streamlining a sound in an area that currently lacks that unity and cohesion found in cities like Atlanta and New York City. Cashkrew, made up of RTF Spitta and CashKrew DC, have a style of music that comprises of money, fashion, and bossing up on life. 


Both of the rappers come from the streets of Walnut Park area out of St. Louis. There, DC and Spitta got their starts out in music with DC mostly working behind the scenes with other St. Louis rappers while Spitta received writing credits with Warner Brothers at just 18. With their long and credible resume, the duo makes up a powerful force to be reckoned with in the music industry. 


RTF Spitta began rapping at 5 years old, coming up behind his older brother. Seeing his brother perform on stages like BET Spring Bling, Spitta was inspired to pursue music and began writing his own at 13 years old. At 18, the young rapper reached number one on Reverb Nation out of St. Louis and got the attention of Warner Brothers, a relationship that blossomed into the St. Louis rapper gaining song credits on VH1, TV One, and other television networks. A member of Camp Boyz, the artist connected with DC in 2011 to create the label Cash Krew. 


Cashkrew DC began rapping in 2007 and started on his first album just two years later. DC got his start behind the scenes as an investor in new local St. Louis artists. He worked with Huey early on in his career, helping architect the rapper’s debut album, which landed on Billboard in 2007. Being inspired by street trap rappers like that of Jeezy and T. I., DC discovered what resonated with him the most was being more in front of the scenes as an artist. RTF Spitta and DC first came together in 2009 with both being a part of the Camp Boyz. 


The group’s current single “Steppin” is a strip club anthem, rapidly catching traction with St. Louis and Atlanta’s popular DJs. Cashkrew DC is preparing to release forthcoming EP to be executively produced by Chop Squad DJ. While the collective understands the importance of the team, they have a strong understanding of the individual with their efforts currently focused on preparing for DC’s EP.


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